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Welcome Cards and Tickets

When I arrived in Berlin five years ago, I attended the Goethe Institut German Language School. As part of its preparation packet, the travel office recommended that students staying for the popular one-month courses plan to purchase a one-month BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) ticket. With the BVG ticket, a person can travel the buses, subway and S-Bahn trains in and between the three main zones of the city unlimited – depending on which option he or she selects. It took me several days to acclimate and determine what kind of ticket to purchase. I decided to get the A-B ticket that covers all travel from the central city outward and nearly to Potsdam. BVG info in English is found at www.bvg.de/en.

Only after I moved to Berlin later that year did I discover the BWC (Berlin Welcome Card). This travel and discount card is available at the Hauptbahnhof, other major train stations and select tourist locations. Hotel staff can direct visitors where to purchase them or sometimes they sell them directly. The Welcome Card is great for people visiting our city for 2 to 6 days. With the card, in addition to the public transportation, purchasers receive discounts to local attractions and can book a city bus-tour. I recommend that people who make their own travel plans consider the Welcome Card. Find the English homepage at www.berlin-welcomecard.de/en.

As the church year quickly progresses, the month of March brings us to Ash Wednesday on March 6th. Please see the calendar and articles in this month’s Bote newsletter for worship service time and location. During the Lenten season, the Kreuzberg-Mitte congregation celebrates the traditional Sunday services such as Invocavit on March 10th, Reminiscere on March 17th, Okuli on March 24th and Lätare on March 31. German Lutheranism observes these Sundays like the Roman Catholic traditions: the Latin names are used, and each refers to that week’s opening Psalm verse for the service. If you attend one of these Sunday services with us, you will hear the psalm and an explanation of what part of Lent we are celebrating that day.

If you have questions or comments, please consider me your contact person and email me at greggillum@t-online.de. I hope we meet soon!