English Corner

English Corner
Veröffentlicht am Sa., 28. Mär. 2020 00:00 Uhr

As the Kreuzberg-Mitte congregation of Berlin continues its preparations for Holy Week from 6. – 12. April and Easter Sunday on the 12th, we have been thrown the same curve ball (baseball metaphor) as the rest of the world: the Corona virus pandemic. Preventing the spread of this deadly cold virus is a top priority for us and consequently, we are instituting novel measures in order to protect visitors and members from possible infection. The main news as of the date of writing this article, 13. March, is that we plan to celebrate our weekly worship and prayer services as regularly scheduled. However, to mitigate passing illness to our dear friends and visitors, all other future events and concerts are cancelled until further notice.  

In order to support both our seniors and others who are more susceptible to becoming severely ill, the congregation is organizing a team of younger people to help them by shopping or assisting in other ways as needed. The details of this program are not yet set, however our Gemeindebüro (church office) plans to remain open and will be reachable via telephone or email. Please feel free to contact Mariola Maxelon at the office at 030 61609616 or at buero@kgkm.de.

In addition to curtailing the number of meetings and events each week, the pastors and church council of Kreuzberg-Mitte have also instituted several protective measures for each of us to adhere to during worship. They include:

While we remain near through worship, please observe keeping some distance from others.

Rather than shaking hands for greeting or while passing the peace, we will make eye contact and smile at each other.

When possible, please keep 2-3 seats distance from each other. And

In addition to careful handwashing, using correct cough and sneezing strategies (into our elbows) needs to be diligently practiced.

While it is sad that we need to take such unusual measures during this viral pandemic, we can be certain that our Lord understands the changes we make to our worship experience. We plan to celebrate Holy Week as you will find scheduled in the center section of this Bote newsletter, giving our thanks and praise in fellowship with others – as well as praying together for the Lord’s gracious love and protection as His people in faith. If you have questions, I can be your English-speaking contact person. I am available at greggillum@t-online.de.

Greg Gillum

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