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One of the cities here in the eastern part of Germany that gets overlooked by foreign visitors is Dresden. Dresden is an historical city with a population of about 500,000 and is located several hours south of Berlin by train in the state of Sachsen (Saxony). It is close to the Czech Republic and sits along the Elbe River. If you are visiting Germany this summer, it is worth the visit and I highly recommend taking at least a day for a tourist walk through to some of the main sights.

The city of Dresden reached its greatest power during the 18th century when King Augustus imported artisans from across Europe to build the beautiful Baroque buildings and squares that have been restored and maintained here today. Fans of the History Channel will recall the devastation that Dresden suffered during World War II. However, both the East German and later the unified German governments invested much time and treasure into restoring areas of the city to become examples of the Baroque period of art.

In the Old Town, the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) is a Lutheran landmark built first in the 18th century. It was largely destroyed in the war and sat in ruins until after the German reunification. Starting in 1992, the buildings were reconstructed using as much of the original materials as still existed. The original building techniques were also employed, but the church has now been made into a building of 21st century standards ñ ready for its future use. www.frauenkirche-dresden.de
Back here in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the summer season is also a time for outdoor activities and family time. Consequently, our congregation has more central (single, morning) worships on Sundays and some of the weekly services and activities take a break for recharging.
This 2-month edition of the bote congregational newsletter includes special notes of what events and church services are available to congregants and visitors during the summer season. If you have questions or wish to contact our staff but feel your language skills are not the strongest, please consider me a contact person and email me in English or German. I will be in town and reading email throughout the summer. I would be glad to assist.
Greg Gillum